How to use Perfect Palate™ and Edible Petals®

Christina Lapointe

How to use Edible Petals® and Perfect Palate™

We are proud to carry a new line of edible scents and flavourings. Made in the U.S by More Than Cake these products have many uses. 

Use the Edible Petals after your sugar flowers are dry, you could also add some in a small spritzer bottle with alcohol and lightly spray. OR add the scent right to your gum paste or fondant. It's edible so you don't have to worry. 

Edible Petals is the first powdered scent that lets you add fragrance to your floral decorations. Imagine your client’s, friends or family's reaction when the beautiful fondant or gum paste flowers you spent hours creating actually smell like Roses, Orchids or Peonies. 

Perfect Palate™ is an innovative new powdered flavouring that transforms any fondant, icing and batter into delectable works of art. Unlike liquid-based flavorings, Perfect Palate™ won’t change the color or texture or consistency  of your favourite fondant, icing, or batter. 

Can be used with cakes, cupcakes, cheesecake, cookies, candy, chocolate, donuts, fillings, icings, butter creams and frosting's, jams, pancakes, whip cream, ice cream.

Make the best tasting items you've ever made by adding one of our flavourings. Key Lime Pie or Cinnamon Bun or Bubblegum. 

Simply add about a 1/4 teaspoon to start. Highly concentrated so add  only a little at a time. But can be sprinkled on your ice cream, coffee or anywhere else you'd like to try.

Easy to use, long shelf life and 60% cheaper then liquid flavourings, they're sure to be the best flavourings you've ever tasted.

Your choice of flavours:  

-Bubble Gum
-Key Lime Pie
-Maple Praline
-Pumpkin spice
-Strawberry Patch
-Caramel Dream
-Apple Cinnamon
-Cinnamon bun
-Orange Cream
-Toasted Coconut
-Very Berry
-Natural Lemon Tree

Let us know which one is your favourite and how you used it


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