The other great use for Sugar...... Let me introduce the Sugar Ornament

Christina Lapointe

Introducing the Sugar Ornament. 

These unique art pieces were influenced by the Panoramic Easter Egg. The history of the Panoramic Easter Egg is an old one and goes back many years to several different countries.

I once heard a story of one that there was one over 50 years old. Whether this was true or not always interested me. Sugar itself doesn’t rot, so there could be some truth to it. With proper storage a Sugar art piece can last indefinitely.

White Snowman Sugar Ornament

Made out of normal table sugar and decorated with sugar paste critters, trees or decorations the variety of Sugar Ornaments is limitless.

There are a few specialty Sugar Ornaments such as the Baby and the Princess…



And we’re working on some work-themed ones such as a nursing, police and gardening just to name a few.

Let us know if you have a great idea for a Sugar Ornament. 

Please come see the many colours and designs at our craft shows we are doing this year. 2018 schedule will be posted shortly. 

blue with pink and white design Sugar Ornament


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