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Princess Sugar Ornament

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Princess Sugar Ornament
Princess Sugar Ornament
Princess Sugar Ornament

These pretty Sugar Ornaments are all about the princess.

Comes in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. 

All Princess Sugar Ornaments will have the same outside design. But you can choose the colours. Pink, Blue or Purple. 

Outside decorations include: jewels, horse, carriage, princess dress, castle, shoe and flowers (enough of each to fit going around ornament- decorative pieces depend on size of ornament choosen. The larger one has more decorative pieces going around than the medium or smaller sugar ornament)

The bow colour will be pink or purple to compliment the Princess ball. 

Showing the pink in small with white and gold outside colours. Large blue is showing with pink, teal, white and gold colouring. And the purple is medium with pink,gold and purple colouring. 

Want to make your own Princess Sugar Ornament? We customize!  Pick from any colour you'd like from black to white, add other outside designs, add a name or date. Email us with your perfect Princess Sugar Ornament.  

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