About Us.... Let me introduce myself....


Welcome to Sugar Art. 

Hi. My name is JP Lapointe. I wanted to create something that wasn't seen anywhere else in the world. Introducing the Sugar Ornament.Black Happy Holiday Sugar Ornament

Sugar Art is dedicated to using Sugar and bringing sugar art to life.

Our Christmas Sugar Ornaments are made from table sugar, and shaped into a ball. Once they're dry we add a couple windows (one on each side) and a cute little scene inside. Each one is unique and one-of-a-kind. 

We decorate the outside, add a ribbon and voila!  A unique one-of-a-kind Christmas Ornament. 

These exclusive pieces were invented by us, and each one is made by us. Even the process of making them into balls was invented by us. We are proud to own the patented design rights to these cute little pieces of art. 

Sugar Ornaments are not only unique but can last indefinitely. Sugar doesn't go bad, so with proper storage these little keepsakes can last a long time. 

We make our Sugar Ornaments as pieces of art, they are not edible.

Influenced by the time old tradition of Panoramic Sugar Eggs we have taken this amazing art form to a whole new level.

We hope you love your Sugar Ornament for many years.


Brown Penguin Sugar Ornament


Email us at: sugarornaments@hotmail.com