Don't Lick 'Em...... and other Tips to take care of them....


Taking Care of your Sugar Ornaments are easy!!  These little keepsakes will last indefinitely if taken care of properly. Humidity and getting them wet will damage them........KEEP them DRY. 

We recommend wrapping them in paper towel and keep in a box or can.

Paper towel and bubble wrap also works, then place in a box or can.

Over time, colours may fade, this is normal. It’s just part of the aging process.

Don’t lick ‘em….... They cannot get wet!!

Don’t let your pets or kids get them…..... They do smell good! So keep them high on the tree or stand........

They are strong, however they will shatter like glass if they’re dropped!  Treat them like an egg!

We make our Sugar Ornaments as art pieces not to eat. 

With proper care you can enjoy these unique art pieces for a long time.


Enjoy the other great use for Sugar!