Your Sugar Ornament......Designed by you

Design your Own Sugar Ornament

To Design your own Sugar Ornament simply send us an email. We will send over a checklist and gather all the information from you OR simply send us all the information from the listed details. 

Please make sure to send us your email or phone number so we can confirm and make sure your sugar ornament is exactly what you'd like.

You can order duplicates! But keep in mind that each ornament is handmade...we will do our best to make them the same... Orange with ornament design Sugar Ornament

Please allow 7-10 days for your personal Sugar Ornament. Time is required to make and dry each of the pieces.  


What Size would you like? Small, Medium, Large? The small one is about 6 cm, the medium about 7 cm and the large about 10 cm.


What colour would you like your Sugar Ornament to be in?   Red, Pink, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Black, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, White, Purple, Orange,  or Brown

There is also the option of having a 2-tone.... One colour on top and another different colour on the bottom.... Please note there is an additional $2 charge for a 2-tone sugar ornament. 


What would you like as the outside design? Snowflakes, Penguins, Snowmen, Decorative Lace Design, Decorative Lines and Dots, Sleigh with Reindeer, Trees, Decorative Ornaments, Stars, Cats, Dogs, Angels, Birds, Gingerbread Men, Holly/Ivy design, Princess Design (castle, jewels, carriage, shoe, dress, horse) Present design, Swiggly Lines, or another creative idea from you....

What colour or colours would you like on the outside design? We start with white, but can add and use colours that you'd like to decorate the outside design, including gold and silver. 

 What Scene would you like on the inside?.... Baby or Babies, Trees, Sleigh with Presents, Tree's, Snowmen, Penguins, Angels, Princess Carriage, or another creative idea from you...


Would you like something written on your Sugar Ornament? ... Merry Christmas, Baby's 1st Christmas, Season's Greetings, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Anniversary, Congratulations, or someone's name, or a special saying...


 What colour Ribbon would you like? Pick a colour that you'd like. We can add more than one coloured ribbon also. 

 We are happy to help. Please contact us at to design your own Sugar Ornament.